The Practical Advantages For A Household With One Car And A Motorcycle

Families looking to cut back on expenses and simplify their lifestyle might decide to get by with just one automobile. Walking or riding a bicycle everywhere may not be feasible, so another option could be buying a motorcycle. Street-legal motorcycles get better gas mileage, but they have limitations that not everyone is willing to deal with. A full-size yet lean motorcycle is a better option for them.


Decades ago, it was the norm for families to have one car. Often, only one parent worked outside the home. The other spouse used the vehicle outside of those hours. They figured out how to manage this with very little inconvenience for everyone. 

Families that can do this now might sell a vehicle and use the money to buy their motorcycle. Purchasing a used one allows them to spend substantially less money than a new model would cost. They might be able to pay the entire cost with the proceeds from the vehicle sale.

The One-Car Lifestyle

Motorcycles can be ideal for traveling relatively short distances on warm, sunny days. Even in cooler weather, riders with the right gear stay warm and comfortable as they commute to work. Two adults in a household can share one car as needed.

The person with the longer commute might use the main vehicle daily. The other rides the motorcycle when the weather is cooperative and takes public transportation when it is not. Some families, of course, still only have one person working at a job while the other stays home with the kids.

The motorcycle is useful and economical for quick trips to stores when only a few items will be purchased. Library books can be carried in a backpack strapped to the seat. Big grocery trips can be made with the family car. 

The Fun Factor

Although this purchase is intended to reduce money spent on vehicle fuel, the fun factor should not be disregarded. Riders tend to love the sense of freedom they get while not enclosed by vehicle walls on all sides. The adults in the family might decide to take a few road trips to nearby scenic attractions. Kids get the chance to stay overnight with their grandparents or have a babysitter for several hours.

Concluding Thoughts

Relying on a motorcycle and one car most of the time means financial savings for a family. They save a significant amount of money on gas, which can be important as people are trying to downsize the expense budget. This is also a fun addition for recreational purposes and relaxation during free time. Look into different types of motorcycles like Street Bobs to see what would work for you.