Tips For Purchasing A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Many people would love to buy a brand new car, but for some households the price of a new vehicle is too high. A used vehicle is a great option for those who want to get the most bang for their buck, but it is not uncommon to be concerned about whether a used vehicle is in excellent condition or was not properly maintained by previous owners. A simple solution is to consider purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle. A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used car that has been carefully inspected by the manufacturer to insure that it is in the best condition possible. Use the following tips to help you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Review the Warranty Terms

Certified pre-owned vehicles are completely backed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Just like brand-new vehicles, each manufacturer has their own warranty terms for certified pre-owned vehicles. The fact that a certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a warranty is a big selling point—you receive the benefit of of being financially protected if your vehicle needs repairs during the warranty period, but you also save money by purchasing a car that is a few years old and costs less than a brand-new car. It is in your best interest to review the warranty terms that different manufacturers offer so you can select the best one.

Check Out Dealership Inventory

After you review the warranty terms offered on different makes of certified pre-owned vehicles and determine which brand of car you want to buy, you can begin looking at the offerings at different dealerships. Most pre-owned vehicle dealerships have a variety of certified pre-owned vehicles available at any given time, so there should be a good selection. Many dealerships list their available certified pre-owned vehicles online, but you can also visit a dealership in person to see the inventory. Do your research in advance, and focus on a model that you can afford and has good ratings.

Request an Inspection Report

Certified pre-owned vehicles go through a lot of testing and inspections to ensure that they are in great condition. If a vehicle has any issues, it is completely repaired by the manufacturer before it is available for purchase. If you want the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting a certified pre-owned vehicle that is in pristine shape, you can request the inspection report. The inspection report from the manufacturer will list everything that you need to know about the vehicle, as well as any services it may have received before being sent to the dealership.