Buying A Subaru WRX And Having A Baby? 3 Accessories You Should Have Added To Your Car

If you are buying a new Subaru WRX and you are having a baby, there are many accessories that can make your vehicle safer for you and for your new baby. Below are three of these accessories so you can decide if you would like these added to your Subaru.

EyeSight Assist

One feature you can add to your Subaru WRX is known as EyeSight Driver Assist. This is like having two sets of eyes on the road instead of just one. This technology warns you if there is danger ahead, so you can start braking early.

If your car goes outside of your driving lane EyeSight assist will warn you via a beeping sound and a flashing on the display on your dash. This will help you immediately straighten your wheel and start driving safely again.

Driver Assist

Another option you can have added to your new Subaru is known as driver assist. This is a system that can help if you have blind spots when you are driving. There is a visual indicator on each outside mirror. Your car uses these visual indicators to know if there are blind spots.

Driver assist will also give you a warning sound if you change lanes, but another vehicle is in the way. Driver assist will also warn you if there is traffic approaching the side or back of your car. If you choose Driver Assist you can also add the Reverse Automatic Braking system. This will automatically break for you if there is an obstacle in the way, such as a thing or a person, so you will not hit anything.

Back Up Camera

You should also consider adding a back up camera to your new car. This will alert you if there is something behind you while you are backing up. This is especially helpful if you have other kids at home. If they are outside playing one of them could run behind your car and you would not know it.  With the back up camera, you can see them or anything else that may be in your way.

This works by installing a small camera on the back of the car and a display is installed inside your car on the dash. You look at this display when you are going in reverse.

Talk with the salesperson when you buy your new car about these safety features, as well as other features that are available to you.