Make Sure That Any Used Car You Buy Has These Things

Buying a used car is a smart financial move for many people. A used vehicle with low mileage can cost thousands of dollars less than a new vehicle of the same type and can still have the factory warranty to give you peace of mind. When you're browsing through different used cars, you'll obviously want to assess how the car looks and performs as well as at how well it suits your budget. It's also important to ensure that the vehicle has these things. They may seem minor, but their presence can save you money and prevent hassles in the long run.


One of the things that you should always check carefully when you're looking at a used car is how much tire tread the vehicle has. If the tires don't have much tread left, you'll be looking at the expense and hassle of replacing them in the not-too-distant future. If you're hoping to buy a used car from a reputable dealer, the salesperson can often arrange for the vehicle's tires to be switched to new tires if you're interested in buying the vehicle. Don't ever hesitate to bring this matter to the salesperson's attention.


Make sure that you pop the trunk and look for the used vehicle's jack. Although a jack can be stored in different spots depending on the layout of the vehicle, a car's jack is commonly kept under the spare tire in the bottom of the trunk. Remove the jack and make sure that it's in proper working order. If the jack isn't present, bring this to the salesperson's attention and request for a jack to be included if you decide to buy the car. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for finding a suitable one on the secondary market.

Vehicle Manual

You should also make sure that the vehicle's manual is somewhere in the used car. Look for the manual in the glove compartment, in the center console, or possibly even under one of the front seats. It's desirable to buy a used vehicle that still has its manual because this booklet is valuable when you need to look up information about the car. For example, if one of your dashboard lights burns out and you decide to replace the fuse yourself, you'll need to check the manual for information about where to find the specified fuse within the fuse panel. Most dealerships can order manuals if the vehicle doesn't appear to have one, and this will save you the trouble of finding one to buy on your own.

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