Things to Think About When Buying a Snowmobile Trailer

If you own a snowmobile, you may always just ride around your home and not worry about needing a way to take your snowmobile with you when you go elsewhere. However, there may come a time when you want to take your snowmobile to a friend's house that isn't within riding distance, or you may end up needing to pick up a snowmobile that has broken down where you normally ride. Of course, you may also be someone who goes to different tracks or on different rides that require a trailer to access. Whichever your situation, when it comes time to shop for a snowmobile trailer, you should keep the following in mind.

Loading and Unloading

A trailer will do you no good if you cannot get the snowmobile on and off it. To help with this, trailers may tilt, have ramps, or do a combination of both. If the trailer tilts, you can usually drive the snowmobile up onto the trailer bed. However, if the vehicle does not have a reverse gear, you will have to drag the snowmobile off when you get to your destination. To rectify this problem, purchase a set of ramps that can be attached to the front of the trailer so you can easily unload things. If a tilting trailer is not within your budget, make sure you have ramps that can attach to both the front and back of the trailer. Some ramps are strong enough to be driven on. You can use these instead of a tilt to easily drive on and off.


Another job of a trailer is to protect the vehicle while you are transporting it. A fully enclosed trailer is the best for this, especially if it has guides to keep the snowmobile in place while traveling and help with loading and unloading. It is also possible to get a flatbed trailer that can have sides added to it. These sides have posts that slip into holes on the bed. If the bed is large enough for two vehicles, but you are only transporting one, a second set of holes can be used to make a smaller space and keep the snowmobile in the center of the trailer to help keep everything balanced.

Once you start transporting your snowmobile to different places to ride, you may become addicted to it. Make sure you have a spare tire for the trailer and that there is space for a toolbox in case you need to make any repairs. Enjoy the season, and use your snowmobile as much as possible. Look at companies such as Ace Trailer Sales to look at trailer options.