3 Ways to Get Better Financing for Your Next Vehicle

One of the biggest concerns for many people that are shopping for a new car is that they will not be able to get a decent deal when it comes to financing. This is a valid concern, as getting into a bad financing deal with a high interest rate could easily end up costing you a lot of money over the life of the loan and result in your having to pay much higher monthly payments than is necessary. Listed below are three options that can help you find better financing for your next vehicle.


Manufacturer loans are often one of the best ways to get very attractive loan terms, mostly because the manufacturer wants to tempt you into buying one of their vehicles instead of one from a competitor. As a result, these loans will typically have lower interest rates than you could get from other financial institutions if you have a good credit rating. However, it is important to note that manufacturer financing is only really applicable if you buy a brand-new car.

Loan Broker

One of the most useful resources when it comes to applying for a car loan is a loan broker. A loan broker is an individual or service that will use your personal information to get loan quotes from all over the country and only provide you with the quotes for the ones with the most attractive terms.

The information that will need to be provided will typically be your social security number, income, and the amount of the down payment that you are considering. This option is ideal for making sure that you do not overlook a good loan option from a lender that you would not normally consider, such as a credit union from another state or a company that you were not even aware offered auto loans. 

Your Bank

Finally, you will want to make sure that you check with your bank before applying for a car loan through a dealership, mostly because the bank will often be willing to extend special financing terms to members in good standing. This means that you could potentially end up with a much lower interest rate than if you were to apply for a loan with a company that you have never done business with. In addition, working with your bank may also help you get approved in the first place as they may offer more lenient requirements for members or if you have had a good history with them. 

Contact a car dealership such as Jack Burford Chevrolet today in order to start the search for your next vehicle. In order to get fair loan terms, make sure that you consider manufacturer financing, assistance from a loan broker, and a loan from your bank.