Check Out Nissan's Certified Preowned Vehicle Program

One great way to obtain a reliable car without the expense of a new vehicle is to purchase an auto that is preowned, or used, and certified by the manufacturer. Buying this type of car helps to ensure that you purchase a quality vehicle at a reasonable price. An excellent choice in this regard is to select a vehicle from Nissan's Certified Preowned Vehicle Program. This article takes a closer look at this interesting option.  


Certified vehicles are those that have been inspected and repaired by a dealer in the manufacturer's network. The vehicle must meet certain standards set by the manufacturer and are covered by a warranty issued by the original manufacturer. Any cars that do not meet the company's standards are repaired so that they meet the specifications or are removed from the certified program. The new warranty might start when the original warranty on the vehicle expires or when the car is purchased, depending on the manufacturer's policies.  


The Nissan Certified Preowned Vehicle Program only allows certain types of autos to qualify for the program. All vehicles must be at least 6 months old, as well as less than 6 years old and must have been driven less than 80,000 miles. The car must have a clean title. Cars that have a branded title, which means that the vehicle has had significant damage to it in the past or other similar problems, are not eligible for the program. 


To gain certification in the program, used Nissan vehicles must pass an rigorous inspection. The checklist for the inspection includes such things as making sure that the engine, cooling system, fuel system, electrical system and transmission are all in good working order. Also, Nissan's trained technicians will check the vehicle's brakes, suspension and exhaust to ensure that they meet the high standards set by the manufacturer. 


Every vehicle offered for sale in the program comes with a vehicle history report from a prominent independent research company. The report gives you a complete account of the history of your car, including the number of previous owners and the vehicle's service record. 

Getting a new vehicle is often more expensive than the average consumer can manage financially. The Nissan Certified Preowned Vehicle Program is a good alternative to buying new. Contact your Nissan dealer for more information about this intriguing option for anyone looking to purchase a reliable automobile.