4 Troubleshooting Tips For Your Subaru's Tech Gadgets

Newer model Subaru vehicles are equipped with many technological gadgets, which makes operating your vehicle easier and a better experience. However, occasional problems can occur. Before taking your vehicle to the dealership, here are some common problems and basic troubleshooting steps you can try.

Beeping Seatbelt Alert

One problem you can experience is the seatbelt alert beeping. This is a safety feature to ensure you are not driving without your seatbelt. To stop the beeping, simply buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt a few times. Wait a few seconds after buckling the seatbelt in to determine if the beeping has stopped or not. 

Tire Pressure Monitor Light

Newer model Subarus are equipped with a warning light that alerts you to check the pressure in your tires. Obviously, you need to check the pressure and adjust it accordingly. However, you can prevent the light from coming on altogether by preemptively making changes to how you fill up your tires. 

For instance, in the colder months, slightly increase the amount of air that you put in the tires. As you drive in the cold weather, the air starts to slowly decrease, which can trigger the warning light. 

After you adjust your air pressure, you will need to drive the car long enough for the monitoring system to register the change in pressure. The light will turn off at that point. 

Check Engine Light

The sight of the check engine light can send some people into a panic, but the problem could be related to something as simple as the gas cap. In newer model Subarus, if the gas cap is not properly tightened, the light can be triggered. It can also be triggered by loose battery cables. Tighten the cables and check for the light again.

Incorrect Temperature Gauge

Some Subaru models are equipped with a temperature gauge that should record the outside temperature. If you start your car and the gauge does not display a temperature or it is the wrong temperature, the problem could be related to the fuses. Change the fuse and check the temperature again.  Be sure to use a fuse with the correct rating. You can find the fuse location by reviewing your Subaru car owner manual.

Most problems you would encounter with your Subaru's technology are minute. If the problems persist after you troubleshoot them, contact a specialist to schedule a check of your car's system.

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